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Add Nextdoor Local Posts to your Organic dashboard to further tap into the community sentiment on Nextdoor, analyze and understand widespread conversations in order to improve lives in your community.

Historically, Nextdoor Neighborhood conversations have not been accessible to any Nextdoor user who is not a local resident. This also posed a blindspot for Zencity users, who were missing out on conversations held by a staggering one-third of American households using Nextdoor. According to ND statistics, a substantial percentage of ND users abstain from other mainstream social media platforms, making it a unique source of untapped community sentiment.

Now, following an exciting partnership between Nextdoor and Zencity, local conversations can be available in your dashboard! 


Adding Nextdoor to your dashboard

In order to include local posts from Nextdoor in your dashboard, you must have at least one agency account connected. Once you've connected your account, our team will set up a new data source called "Nextdoor Local Posts" in your organic dashboard, within 48 hours.

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Important to know: Nextdoor data is only available for active Nextdoor users. Once your source has been added to the dashboard, you'll be required to post to Nextdoor through the Zencity platform on a regular basis. If no post has been published within 15 days, the data source will be temporarily suspended and you'll receive a notification in the dashboard once a week. Data will renew once a new post has been published, but will not be backfilled.


What's included?

During setup, the Zencity team will determine a geographical radius that covers your jurisdiction, from which posts will be pulled (posts location are the address a user provided when signing up for Nextdoor). For cities, additional filtering will ensure that only posts from users living in the city shall be imported. 

Additionally, Zencity aims to only import local-government related posts by filtering the data to mentions of relevant keywords, combined with our award-winning AI algorithm that recognizes city-related topics. 

If you're interested in ensuring a specific keyword is included, please reach out to our support using the chat button on the right side of your screen and share any required keywords you wish to follow on Nextdoor.



Breaking News:Title: Zencity is the first and only platform to pull in Nextdoor data, enhancing its average interaction count by X percent 

and Nextdoor Join Forces to Revolutionize Community Engagement for Local Governments




In a groundbreaking move aimed at enhancing community engagement for local governments, Zencity has announced its strategic partnership with Nextdoor. This collaboration seeks to empower local government communication leaders by providing them with unprecedented access to community feedback through the Nextdoor platform. The goal is to streamline communication processes, making it easier for governments to connect with their constituents and make informed decisions based on valuable community insights.


Why Zencity and Nextdoor?


Zencity, a leading civic engagement platform, has carved a niche for itself in providing local governments with the tools they need to gather and analyze resident feedback efficiently. Nextdoor, on the other hand, has become a vital hub for community connections, fostering communication among neighbors on a hyper-local level. By combining forces, these two platforms aim to create a synergy that benefits both local governments and the communities they serve.


Enhancing Community Feedback:


One of the key objectives of the Zencity-Nextdoor partnership is to amplify the flow of community feedback to local governments. Zencity's data analytics capabilities will now be integrated with Nextdoor's community platform, providing local government officials with real-time insights into the thoughts, concerns, and suggestions of their constituents. This partnership aims to ensure that decision-makers have a comprehensive understanding of community sentiments, enabling them to make informed choices that truly resonate with the needs of their residents.


Simplifying Government Communications:


Local government communication leaders often face challenges when disseminating information to their communities effectively. The Zencity-Nextdoor partnership aims to address this by providing a seamless solution for communication professionals. Government officials will now have the ability to post updates and information directly to Nextdoor through the Zencity platform. This integration streamlines the communication process, allowing for timely and relevant information to reach residents and fostering transparency and trust.


Key Benefits of the Partnership:


1. **Access to Real-time Community Insights:** Zencity's analytics tools will enable local governments to monitor neighborhood sentiment in real time, helping officials stay informed about evolving issues and concerns.


2. **Effortless Communication:** The integration of Zencity with Nextdoor simplifies and enhances the process of scheduling and sharing important updates with the community, ensuring that residents are well-informed about local developments.


3. **Data-Driven Decision Making:** By leveraging the data collected through Zencity's analytics, local governments can make evidence-based decisions that align more closely with the priorities and preferences of their communities.


4. **Strengthening Community Relationships:** Improved communication and increased community involvement foster stronger relationships between local governments and residents, building trust and collaboration.




The Zencity-Nextdoor partnership marks a significant step forward in the realm of community engagement for local governments. By combining the strengths of Zencity's data analytics with Nextdoor's community platform, this collaboration promises to revolutionize the way governments connect with their constituents. As we navigate the challenges of the modern era, partnerships like these are pivotal in creating more responsive, transparent, and resident-centric local governance.

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