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Noa Amirav Fatal
Noa Amirav Fatal
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Get inspired by posts from other Zencity clients in both content and phrasing, by visiting the Zencity Social Media Library and getting access to a rich collection of real public posts published by other Zencity clients.



Scrolling through thousands of posts can be a heavy lift. Use the filters to focus on what's most helpful for you- look at a specific time frame, choose a topic, or look at a similar organization by choosing state and population size. 

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Keyword Search

Use the search bar to search for posts that contain a specific word or phrase. Use quotation marks if you want to search for exact phrases. For example, if you're working on content for road safety week, you can try searching for "Road Safety". 

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Library access

While the library only includes public posts, you can choose to remove your organization's posts from the library. Doing so will also lock your own access to the library. Removing access can be configured in the Data Sources screen. 

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