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Noa Amirav Fatal
Noa Amirav Fatal
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Once you have connected a social media account in the profiles tab, you'll be able to easily track and measure all of your analytics in a dedicated analytics tab.

The analytics tab shows you the aggregated metrics for all of your connected accounts, and allows you to filter the data by date or drill down on specific accounts.

Widgets with a comparison metric will show you the change in that metric, compared to the last time period. 



Metrics included in the Publishing Analytics Tab 

Posts: the number of posts you've posted on each account.

Impressions: the number of views for all posts, from all accounts. 

Interactions: the number of public engagements on all posts for all accounts- comments, shares, likes and any other emoji. 

Engagement Rate: The percentage of impressions converted to interactions.

Interaction Breakdown: A breakdown of the number of likes, comments and shares, on all posts.

Videos: The number of video views, and the number of posts containing videos. 

Followers: The number of followers on all accounts and the net number of new followers in the chosen period. 


Historic backfill

Social media networks limit the amount of data we can backfill. Once connecting your accounts to Publishing, data will be backfilled 7 days for all metrics except followers. 

Followers and net new followers can not backfill, and data will be available starting on the connection date. 


Missing data

There can be a few reasons why you are missing data:

  1. Your account is not connected: In order to collect analytics for publishing, your account must be actively connected through the profiles tab. If your connection expires, or you've deleted the profile, you will no longer see new data for that account.
  2. Data gap for disconnection periods: Once you account connection has expired or been disconnected, you will no longer see new data for that account. If you restore the connection within 7 days, all metrics will be updated, except for the net new followers which can not backfill. 
  3. Missing additional permissions: for Instagram, you might be missing additional permissions. In this case, check your Profiles tab, where you'll see a notification for any account missing permissions. 







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