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Noa Amirav Fatal
Noa Amirav Fatal
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Why do I need to reconnect my account?

Pulling and pushing out data to your social media accounts requires linking your accounts to the platform. Linking your accounts for the first time might require a few extra steps to make sure your accounts meet the necessary criteria, so make sure to check out our guide to linking accounts

Once you've linked your account, you may need to refresh your connections every once in a while, based on the network policies. Facebook and Instagram, for example, require relinking your accounts every 60 days.

In case you encounter unexpected challenges linking or refreshing your linked accounts, here are a few common problems with their solutions.


Why am I seeing a message that I need additional permissions for analytics?


If you see this notification under one of your accounts, you are missing permissions to pull data from your account, such as Reach, Impressions, and Video Views. This means you won't be able to view analytics for this account, but it won't affect your ability to publish posts on it.
To give permissions, click the "Give Permissions" button and complete the full process for linking an account.


Why am I seeing a message that my publishing permissions have expired?


If you see this notification under one of your accounts, your publishing permissions have expired. 
To renew permissions, click the "Renew" button, and then choose the relevant network that needs to be relinked. 




Why can't I choose an account when creating a new post?

In order to post to one of the accounts linked to your dashboard, you need to have the relevant permissions. If you don't have permissions, the account will appear in gray and you won't be able to choose it.
To update your permissions, reach out to your organization's admin. Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 15.46.49.png

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