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Noa Amirav Fatal
Noa Amirav Fatal
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Social media networks have various requirements for media files. To make sure your media files meet these requirements, you can either take a look at our dedicated help article, or simply add the image or video to your post. Any limitations will then appear in red, guiding and allowing you to adjust or replace your files.

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Editing Images 

Images that exceed the size or resolution limits can easily be adjusted to meet the requirements, by clicking on the edit icon. If your post is customized by network, the image editor will also present customized editing per network. 

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For each network, choose the relevant resolution, zoom and resize as necessary, and save. 

Heads up! Once you hit save, any cropped image for that network can not be restored to its original size. If you want to revert your changes, simply remove the edited image and add the original image you started out with. 

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