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Noa Amirav
Noa Amirav
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Connect your social media accounts in Publishing, and start posting and collecting analytics!

Start out by navigating to the Publishing page in the main navigation menu. The first thing you'll see is the publishing calendar, but in order to use it you'll need to connect your accounts in the "Profiles" tab and follow the following steps:


Step 1

Create and name a profile to easily manage your accounts. 

Each profile can contain one of each type of social media account. For example, the Parks and Rec profile can contain one Facebook page, one Twitter account, one Instagram page, and one LinkedIn profile. 

Step 2

Click on the relevant social media network and follow the prompts to connect your account. Make sure you have admin permissions to complete the process. 

For connecting an IG account- make sure you have a business IG account, and that it is linked to your Facebook page.

Here’s how:

  1. You can easily switch your IG account to a business account by clicking on “switch to professional account” in your account settings on Instagram and following the prompts.Screenshot_2023-01-16_at_13.37.18.png
  2. Link your Facebook page by logging into your FB page profile and navigating here. In your settings, click on “Linked Accounts”, and follow the prompts to link between your Instagram account and your Facebook page.Screenshot_2023-01-16_at_13.36.23.png

Step 3

After adding accounts to your profile, hit “All done”, and you’ll be directed back to the profiles tab.


You’re ready to publish! 

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