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Noa Amirav Fatal
Noa Amirav Fatal
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Connect your social media accounts to the platform and start posting, replying to comments and collecting analytics!

Start out by navigating to the Publishing page in the main navigation menu. The first thing you'll see is the publishing calendar, but in order to use it you'll need to link your accounts in the "Profiles" tab and follow the following steps:


Step 1

Create and name a profile to easily manage your accounts. 

Each profile can contain one of each type of social media account. For example, the Parks and Rec profile can contain one Facebook page, one Twitter account, one Instagram page, one Nextdoor agency account, and one LinkedIn company page.

Make sure to define user roles for each profile, to allow the relevant users to post and comment on behalf of the account. 


Step 2

Connecting accounts to a profile can be done by clicking on the relevant account type and following the connection process as shown below. Some accounts might require multiple permissions to allow different functions. Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 15.50.22.png


Connecting Nextdoor

Agency accounts on Nextdoor are now available for connecting and posting through Zencity.

When connecting your Nextdoor account, you will either be required to log in, or your browser might already recognize the account you previously logged into on Nextdoor (image on the right). Make sure you are logged into the relevant account, and click accept to complete the connection.

             Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 12.34.56.png                       Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 12.37.33.png

Connecting Facebook

When starting the connection process for Facebook, your browser might recognize any account you've previously logged into. You can change the account you wish to link by clicking on "Log into another account".


If you manage several FB pages and Instagram accounts, click on "Edit settings" to make sure you grant access to all relevant page(s). Choose all the accounts you wish to link (this does not link your accounts yet). 


Complete the process by granting permissions, and then choose the facebook page you wish to link within this specific profile.


Connecting Instagram

Before starting the process, make sure you have a business IG account, and that it is linked to a facebook page you have connected to the platform. Here’s how:

  1. You can easily switch your IG account to a business account by clicking on “switch to professional account” in your account settings on Instagram and following the prompts.Screenshot_2023-01-16_at_13.37.18.png
  2. Link your Facebook page by logging into your FB page profile and navigating here. In your settings, click on “Linked Accounts”, and follow the prompts to link between your Instagram account and your Facebook page.Screenshot_2023-01-16_at_13.36.23.png

When starting the connection process within Zencity, your browser might recognize that you previously connected the Facebook account your browser is logged into. Click continue if you are linking an Instagram page managed by this Facebook account.

You will then need to select the relevant Facebook page, to which your Instagram page is linked.


Click submit to complete your Instagram connection process. 


Connecting Linkedin

When starting the connection process for Linkedin, your browser might recognize any account you've previously logged into. You can change the account you wish to connect by clicking on "Not You?".

Once you've logged into the account you wish to link, simply approve the permissions, and select the company page to link your organization account. 



Connecting Twitter

Connecting your Twitter account involves a one-step process- either logging into the account you wish to connect, or authorizing the account you're already logged into on your browser.

Note, your browser might recognize any account you've previously logged into. You can change the account you wish to connect to Zencity by clicking on the avatar and signing out. 


Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 14.34.30.png



Step 3

After adding accounts to your profile, hit “All done”, and you’ll be directed back to the profiles tab. 

Repeat the process for each group of accounts you want to connect. 


You’re ready to publish! 

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