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Daniella Elrom
Daniella Elrom
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There is no shortage of discourse happening on Instagram, and we're here to ensure you capture a comprehensive overview of the social discourse in your city by adding Instagram hashtags as a data source.

How does it work?

If you've connected you Instagram account to Zencity, you are able to create an additional data source tracking 30 unique hashtags, pulling posts containing those hashtags from any public Instagram account. 

Zencity will automatically analyze and assign a sentiment score to the posts that feature the hashtag, to then incorporate this into overall trends in your Zencity dashboard.

If you're interested in adding IG hashtags as a source, reach out to our support using the chat button, with a list of your requested hashtags.

Important to know: When choosing hashtags to track, make sure they are unique to your needs, otherwise your dashboard might be flooded with irrelevant posts that won't address your areas of interest.

For example, if you're interested in following discourse around the city's winter festival, avoid using the hashtag #winterfestival since it's probably commonly used in multiple contexts that are not necessarily related to your city. Instead, use #NewYorkWinterFestival.

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