Adding content to a public board for your project hub listing

  • Updated
  • Only users with ‘Owner’ or ‘Builder’ status are able to add content to a public board.
  • All fields marked with an *  on this page are mandatory.
  1. Ensure you are logged in to Zencity Engage.

  2. Navigate to your project page, then go to your 'Public Boards' tab and select the public board that you want to add content to.

  3. Your title for your public board will be the name that you chose when you created your public board, this can be changed at any time.

  4. Fill out the 'Public Board Teaser Description' field to give a short description of your public board which will appear on your project page.

  5. If you are navigating away from the page, remember to click the ‘Save’ button located at the bottom of the page.
    A message will appear at the top of the screen that says ‘Updated Successfully’.
    If you are staying on the public boards page to add or edit more content, remember to save your work when you have finished before you leave the page.

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