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Elizabeth Snoap
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What is Zencity?

Zencity is an innovative platform designed to help local governments better understand and respond to the needs and concerns of their communities. With comprehensive community input and outreach tools and expert analytics and support, Zencity empowers government and public safety leaders to make more transparent and effective decisions, thereby earning the trust of their residents.

Click the video below for a helpful overview:

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The Value of Zencity

Traditional participation methods often amplify the voices of a few while excluding many, leading to uninformed decisions and eroded trust. Zencity overcomes this by:

  • Broadening Engagement: Hearing beyond the “same ten people” to gain a representative understanding of community sentiment.
  • Making Informed Decisions: Providing data-driven insights that help make transparent and effective decisions.
  • Saving Time and Resources: Centralizing community input and advanced analytics on one platform to streamline processes.
  • Ensuring Inclusivity: Removing barriers to engagement to hear from the entire community, including underrepresented groups.

Zencity Tools

Zencity offers a suite of tools that can be used together or separately to transform leadership and community engagement. Read below and click on the links to learn more. 

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Organic: A dashboard and publishing tool that gathers, analyzes, and responds to the conversation happening on publicly available channels throughout your community, such as social media and local news outlets. 

Engage: A digital community engagement site that allows you to create pages for local projects and initiatives, upload supporting context, and invite residents to give input using interactive participatory tools.

Community Survey: A recurring, online survey measuring resident satisfaction, with ongoing open-ended questions always viewable from a live feed and representative results aggregated into a report and dashboard at a regular cadence.

Blockwise Survey: A recurring survey used by law enforcement agencies to measure resident safety and trust levels, with ongoing open-ended questions always viewable from a live feed and representative results aggregated into a report and dashboard quarterly.

Experience Survey: Improve community services with continuous resident satisfaction polls for data-driven performance recommendations.

Pulse Survey: Actively engage your community with short and representative surveys designed to understand your residents’ needs and priorities on pressing issues and strategic projects.

Learn More

For further information, check out the Zencity Glossary of important terms and features. Once you are logged into the platform and ready to explore, move forward to our Using the Platform section for a deeper introduction to each of our features with helpful tutorials. 

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