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Custom roundups are an automated email summary of Zencity data that you can tailor according to your preferences, or those of your stakeholders.

Whether you need to forward important items in the online discourse to the Mayor’s office, or track resident sentiment about homelessness in your city, custom roundups are designed to save you time by collecting the data items you wish to follow, and automatically sending them to an audience of your choice.

Located on your Subscriptions page, you can set up your custom roundups by simply following the prompts in your Zencity dashboard. Choose the focus topic(s) of your digest, the audience you would like to send it to, and the frequency you would like the email to be sent.

Examples of how local governments use custom roundups:

  • Daily reports from official data sources and comments delivered to the Mayor's Office

  • Weekly reports including data items discussing traffic, road safety, and speeding

  • Dedicated custom reports listing data sources discussing Animal Services in the city

How to create your own custom roundup:

  1. Head to your Subscriptions page in your Zencity dashboard, and scroll down to 'Custom roundup'

  2. Select 'Create Roundup' and follow the prompts to determine the projects you would like the digest to cover, the audience, and the frequency you would like it delivered

  3. Your custom roundup will then automatically be delivered to your stakeholders at the frequency you have chosen


Who can I include in my custom roundup audience?
Custom roundups can only be sent to Zencity users.

Is there a limit of projects I can include in the custom roundup?
You can select up to 10 projects that you would like included.

How do the filters work?
The filters help you hone in on the exact information you are interested in. Select which filters you would like to apply in order to determine which data items will appear in your custom roundup.
For instance, if you are creating a custom roundup for the Mayor’s office, and are most interested in seeing data items that contain negative sentiment about the Mayor from unofficial sources, simply select ‘Sentiment: Negative’ and ‘Source: Unofficial' to automatically filter out any data items that do not correlate with the above filters.

If I include certain keywords, will the data items the custom roundup pulls be limited to only data items that include those keywords?
Yes. Your custom roundup will automatically collect items based on your preferences, and keywords will work as additional filters to ensure you only see data items that correlate with your selection.

How do I make sure the emails are sent in the right timezone?
We’ve already done that for you! The custom roundup is automatically configured to send according to your time zone.

How do I customize the display settings of the custom roundup?
We have included customization options for you to choose from as you build your custom roundup. These include choosing the amount of items you would like to show, and how you would like them to be displayed.

How many custom roundups can I create?
As many as you'd like! This gives you the freedom to tailor each digest according to the needs and preferences of any stakeholder in your organization.

What if there are no, or not enough, relevant data items on the day I've specified the custom roundup should be sent?

If there are not enough relevant data items to meet the minimum number you said each custom roundup should include, then no email will be sent on that day.


If you have any further questions about using your custom roundup, feel free to chat us below or to get in touch with your Client Success Manager.



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