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The Conversation Snapshot area of your dashboard gives you a high-level sense of what’s going on in your area’s discourse. In one glance, you can get an idea of if there’s a big jump in the number of interactions, the overwhelming sentiment of residents and the words that are used most in the conversation.

Tip: Each of the widgets outlined below can be downloaded as a PNG to share with relevant colleagues or to upload into reports.

Volume of interactions


In the top row of this widget, you’ll see the total number of interactions, total number of positive interactions, and total number of negative interactions gathered during the time period selected in the filter located within the page’s sticky header. The default filter is 7 days, but you can change it to any interval you want.

Below each number, you’ll see a percentage; that represents the change in the relevant metric (e.g. total number of interactions) between the time period you’re looking at now, and the previous comparable period. This percentage can be an indicator of when there’s a major change in any one of these three metrics.

The graph beneath this row visualizes the three interaction totals over time, giving you a longer-term view of how these measures have changed over time. By default, the graph displays data on a daily interval for the overall time frame selected, yet you can use the button to filter the graph according to the interval you want.

Note: You’ll notice that any intervals longer than your overall selected time range will be disabled in the graph filter. For example, it’s not possible to generate a graph with 30 day intervals when looking at data from across a period of 7 days.

To tailor the graph to your community, use the 3-dot menu to note significant events on the timeline, such as the release of a major news investigation or a protest. Having those tags in place allows you to quickly understand major peaks or lows in the volume and sentiment of the discourse.

Sentiment analysis


Using Zencity’s AI-powered classification technology, this widget captures and displays the sentiment breakdown—both positive and negative—of the discourse in your community during the time period you selected, as well as for the previous comparable time period.

Hover over each time period to see a more detailed breakdown of the sentiment: percentages and total number of interactions classified as positive, negative or neutral. Click on either the positive (green) or negative (red) sections of the bar graph to filter the dashboard to see only data related to positive interactions, or only data related to negative interactions. To return to an unfiltered dashboard, click the “X” on the filter button—located in the sticky header menu at the top of the screen—labeled Sentiment.

Popular words


This widget is a visual representation of the most common words that appear across the discourse for the time period selected. It’s a quick way to get a sense of what topics are top of mind for your residents. Click on any of the words to jump to the Conversation tab, already filtered to show all the data items where that word appears.

If you’re interested in seeing the words that were mentioned more during the selected time period as compared with the previous time period, click on the 3-dots menu, and toggle on to Trending.




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