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As a company that works only with local government, we have been working hard to bring you an improved experience when tracking the news for mentions you care about.

Our default news coverage includes national and local online articles and broadcast clips, filtered to mentions of your organization. These can be modified and customized by users who are Client Admins, or by reaching out to our support team using the chat. 

To dive deeper into configurations, check out our dedicated help article


How does the News feed work?

The news feed tab in your Zencity Organic dashboard is a dedicated view of all the relevant news stories, based on your configurations. To identify why a certain article is included in your news feed, look for the highlighted words in the article.

The default view in the news feed will present articles according to their relevance, which is rated by a unique algorithm we've developed that specializes in government. 

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Pro tip: Try comparing us to google news, and you’ll see that the coverage and relevance is much more accurate! 


Media types

The news feed includes two types of media items. 

Online Publications

Articles posted online across different news outlets. Most online articles will also display the Estimated Reach, enabled by our partnership with Similiarweb. The reach presented on each article represents the potential viewership it could have, based on the monthly number of visitors to the website on which it was published.

Broadcast media

Enabled by our partnership with Critical Mention. These items include transcripts of one-minute video clips, which include relevant mentions of your organization. Videos can be viewed by clicking in "view in source" in the item menu.

Broadcast clips also include a display of the estimated reach of the story, as well as its publicity value, as both determined by Critical Mention, using national industry standards. 


Hiding irrelevant news items

You can hide specific news items for your and your peers’ dashboard. Click the options icon at the top right corner of an item and select “hide this item”.


Creating a report

Share insights with your peers by creating a report directly from your News Feed tab. Simply click on the "Create Report" button at the top right corner of the screen and edit the report by adding more stories and text. Once your report is ready, you can export it as a PDF file or save it to your Reports library.

Pro Tip: Need to create a fast report on a specific topic? Search for articles by keyword, and then click "Create Report" to export the items you've found! 


Stay up to date

To keep tabs on when your community makes the local news, subscribe to a News Roundup email to receive regular roundups of the most relevant items in your inbox.




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