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Daniella Elrom
Daniella Elrom
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As part of our effort to continuously expand the number and variety of data sources we connect you to, we’re pleased to announce our partnership with Critical Mention enables us to now list broadcast media among that list.

What does this partnership mean?

Critical Mention monitors broadcast media by collecting data from tens of thousands of sources, like TV and radio, and automatically transcribing them. At Zencity, we then take that textual data and apply our AI technology to scan it for specific terms like the name of your community, a big initiatives you might be running, and more. We then add this broadcast media data to everything we’re already aggregating and analyzing on the Zencity platform to deliver an even more complete view of the conversation happening in your area.

How can I find broadcast media items?

To view items from broadcast media sources, in addition to other news items, go to the News Feed tab. You can also use the filters found at the top of your main and project dashboards. Select Source Local Media Broadcast Media.

Each item displays the estimated reach of the story, as well as its publicity value, as both determined by Critical Mention using national industry standards. Please note that each item collected through this source is be counted as one interaction, as there are no comments or likes on broadcast media. 


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