Enabling Single Sign-on (SSO)

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Keeping track of a ton of different login credentials can be a hassle. Single sign-on, known more commonly by its acronym SSO, was introduced to make the whole login process simpler. You’ve probably seen SSO options on different platforms; anytime you have the option to sign into a platform with your Google or Facebook account, for example, that’s SSO at work. In this article, we’ll explain a bit more about how SSO works, as well as how you can start taking advantage of this option for your next Zencity login.

How does SSO work?

When you enable SSO, it’s like telling Zencity: “Hey! Here’s an account you can verify as mine. When I’m signed in there, please consider it as my own unique entry key that opens the doors to my Zencity account.” So instead of remembering you by your Zencity-specific username and password, we can remember you by a verified, connected Facebook, Google, or Apple account. This is a particularly helpful login method for users who rarely, if ever, log out of one of these accounts in their web browser. Therefore, when they arrive at the Zencity login page, these users just need to click ‘Continue with Google,’ for example, and they will be immediately redirected to their account.

When you connect one of your social accounts to Zencity for the purposes of SSO, you are permitting us to view just enough information to verify that it’s indeed your account (e.g. for Facebook, that means your name, profile picture, and associated email address); we do not access any of your personal account data.

How to start using SSO to log into Zencity

When you enter Zencity, you have the choice to log in with your username and password, or via your Facebook, Google, or Apple account, also known as SSO (single sign-on) options. To speed up the process and eliminate pesky password searches, connect one of these accounts on your next login using the steps in the section below. Once that’s set up, logging in will be as simple as two clicks and zero password recalls.

How to connect your Facebook, Google, or Apple account

Connecting your account is a matter of minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Head to Zencity

  2. On the login page, click the SSO type you want, e.g. ‘Continue with Facebook’

  3. Follow the steps to log into the relevant account

  4. A screen will then appear asking if you want to connect your accounts, with an automatic popup that will ask for your Zencity account info

  5. Enter your Zencity login details

  6. Press ‘Continue’

  7. You will be redirected into the platform

To connect additional SSO accounts in the future—or if you're already logged into Zencity—simply click on your user name in the left hand navigation menu, select 'Profile & Login' and then connect the account you want to use for SSO.

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