Zencity Access Technical Requirements

Joeli Katz
Joeli Katz
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While your team is onboarding to the Zencity platform, we want to make sure you'll be able to access the tool without any hitches. When it comes to local governments, online safety and security considerations can result in strict firewall protections. To receive Zencity email notifications and access certain parts of the platform, your agency's internal IT department might have to help configure your email and browser settings to allow Zencity to run as expected. Please share these items with the technical folks on your side.


Emails from Zencity

Platform notifications, including digests and alerts, are sent out from team@mg.zencity.io. Emails from our team are sent out from @zencity.io email addresses. If you suspect emails from these domains are filtered as spam or blocked, your IT representatives should unblock them.


Zencity Platform

To ensure you can access the platform and its features, your IT representatives might have to whitelist the following domains. Whitelisting a domain means adding it to a list of approved or safe websites that are allowed to load content on your network.




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