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While we are constantly improving our sentiment model and employing machine learning technology, we recognize that sometimes our algorithm may miss the mark--for example, sarcasm can sometimes be difficult to detect! You know your community and context the best, so if you're browsing the stories tab in your main or project dashboard and notice an item with an incorrectly assigned sentiment, here's how you can update it on the spot.

Step 1:  Click on the sentiment icon (either a red, green, or grey dot) next to the original story or comment. Under "Edit sentiment," select the label you think is more appropriate.


Step 2 (optional): Let us know in a few words why you believe the sentiment is mismatched or wrongfully labeled. This feedback helps us improve our algorithm to prevent similar instances in the future.


Step 3: Select "Send Feedback" (Note: You can select this option without providing written feedback). 


Step 4: Refresh the page to see your sentiment change reflected in the dashboard. 


For additional questions on how to use this feature or to provide additional feedback on how an item was classified in your dashboard, please contact your Customer Success Manager or get in touch via the chat below.



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