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One of the sections you will see in the platform navigation menu is "Surveys." Depending on which survey products are available in your Zencity account, you will see different options listed when you expand the menu (see below).

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If you are unsure if you have access to Community, Blockwise, Pulse, or Experience Surveys, reach out to your Zencity Customer Success Manager for clarification. 

Representative Surveys

A representative survey collects data from a group of people that accurately reflects the entire community, ensuring that the results give a true picture of everyone’s views. Watch this video and read below to learn about your representative survey options. 

There are three representative survey products offered at Zencity, depending on your need. 

  1. Community Survey: an ongoing survey intended for local governments to measure resident satisfaction over time. Accessible as a dashboard within the platform and via cyclical reports. Learn more

  2. Blockwise Survey: a recurring survey intended to measure a community’s sense of safety and trust in law enforcement agencies. Accessible as a dashboard in the platform and via cyclical reports. Learn more. 

  3. Pulse Survey: a one-time survey with a short questionnaire designed to gather quick results on a specific topic or issue. Accessible via an executive report presented about two months after survey launch (not shown in survey menu navigation). Learn more.

Experience Surveys

Another survey type offered through Zencity are Experience Surveys. Experience Surveys measure performance by polling resident satisfaction at the point of service to identify improvement opportunities. These surveys are used for contexts such as 311 services in cities and police interactions in police departments⁠, with results accessible in a dashboard within the platform. To learn more, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

Survey Resources

To dive deeper into Zencity surveys, visit the Survey section of this Resource Center. 

Looking for information on surveys in Engage? These are called Engagements, and you can learn about implementing them here

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