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Zencity’s ad-hoc Pulse surveys provide local governments with a rapid and cost-effective way to gauge public opinion on “here and now” decision points. These brief questionnaires can cover issues as broad as vaccine hesitancy to questions as specific as satisfaction with snow removal services.


Note: Looking for another type of survey? For recurring resident satisfaction surveys, consider Zencity’s community survey. Law enforcement agencies interested in a recurring survey tailored to their departmental needs can read about our Blockwise solution.



Pulse surveys

Pulse surveys are short questionnaires, containing between ten and fifteen questions and up to two open-ended questions, designed to gather quick results so you can make decisions on pressing issues.


Available for communities of more than 20,000 residents, this survey is intended for gathering input from a large, representative sample of your residents on questions like how to allocate ARPA funding or the expansion of broadband infrastructure. Distribution is entirely handled by Zencity, with a representative sample guarantee. Results are presented within a survey report.


Pulse surveys have an approximate five to eight week turnaround time, and a format of approximately twelve to seventeen questions.



Survey Process

When you run a Pulse survey with Zencity, here’s the process you can expect:

  1. Define the issue or initiative you are interested in with the Zencity team

  2. Approve the questionnaire, crafted by a team of Zencity experts, with options to customize it to your community

  3. Zencity digitally distributes the questionnaire to your residents, using census data to reach a representative sample of your community

  4. About five to eight weeks after the survey start date, you will receive an executive report containing the results and actionable analysis


Choosing a survey

To discuss which survey option is right for your community and the question you want to answer, take a look out this side-by-side comparison chart or reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager by email or via the chat below.




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