Viewing AI Data Analysis for a Quantitative Questions for Results Collected After August 1st 2023

Shasa McCarogher
Shasa McCarogher
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Note: You can only request AI Data Analysis for engagements that have closed. 

  1. Ensure you are logged in to Zencity.

  2. Navigate to 'Engage' and click on the 'Results & Analysis' heading. 

    Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 7.35.57 AM.png

  3. Select the engagement that you want to view and click on the card. Navigate to the quantitative question that you want to request an insight for.

  4. From the dropdown menu, choose the question that you want to run a comparison on. Once you have selected your question click on the 'View Analysis Details' button. Please note that if you have already requested analysis for the question it will already be displayed on the page. 

    Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 3.03.57 PM.png

  5.  Your analysis will now be displayed at the at the bottom of your page. 


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