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Hadar Vaknin
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Zencity Notifications Center

Stay informed with Zencity's Notifications Center, where you can receive timely updates about system and data changes.

Accessible from the left main menu, the Notifications Center allows you to view unread or all notifications. Simply click on a notification row to navigate directly to the relevant page.


How to manage which notifications to get?

Go to Settings and navigate to the Subscriptions tab. For each section, you'll see a list of all supported notifications. While most notifications are available via email or in-app notifications, some are supported by only one of these options by design.

You can control the status of the channel by checking the Email / Notifications box. Notifications can be turned off directly from the Notifications Center by clicking on a notification row's three-dot menu and choosing "Turn off notifications on this topic."


Which types of notifications can I see in the Notifications Center?

While we are actively working to include new notifications in the near future, currently, the following notifications are supported:

  • Zencity reports
  • Shared reports
  • Scheduled reports

Didn't find a notification you'd like to receive? Reach out to our support team.


Zencity Subscriptions

Using our pre-made digests, you can receive Zencity data on a recurring basis. Go to Settings and Subscriptions and look for the relevant product (Organic, Blockwise). You will see the available digests; just check the Email box, and you will start getting them regularly.

Some digests are customized, such as Organic project digests, roundups, and keyword alerts. Click on Create and choose the relevant data set and timing for the digest you'd like to receive.

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