Your guide to Analyst Insights

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Insights are one of the cornerstones of Zencity’s platform. Written by our team of analysts, they are short briefs that summarize key findings in your community’s data, so you can save time getting to the bottom of what the numbers are showing. Part of being a Zencity client means receiving insights that are personalized to your community on a regular basis; you can also request insights on an as-needed basis, usually for a timely issue.

Where can I view my Analyst Insights?

In the left hand navigation menu of the platform, head to Insights Feed. There, you can scroll through all of the insights that have been written for you. Each one can be downloaded, or shared via email or a link.

Any time there’s a new insight ready for you to read, you’ll see a notification in three places:

  1. In the Today's Highlights section of your main dashboard

  2. In the On Your Desk section of your main dashboard

  3. In your inbox

How can I request a new Analyst Insight?

If you’re preparing to make a decision and could use additional analysis of how your community feels about the topic at hand, you can always submit a request for a personalized Analyst Insight. To do so, click the ‘Request an Insight’ button in the top right hand corner of your Insights Feed, fill out the accompanying form, and you’ll be notified when it’s ready.

Examples of how to use Analyst Insights

To understand how to make the most of your Analyst Insights, read how these three local governments used their findings to take action:



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