Ensuring High-Quality Survey Samples

Noa Rapoport
Noa Rapoport
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At Zencity, we understand that the quality of the data we provide to our clients is crucial for making informed decisions. To this end, we have implemented robust measures to ensure that the survey samples we collect are of the highest quality. Here's an overview of our current efforts and future plans to maintain and enhance the quality of our sample data.



The internet offers tremendous opportunities for surveys, such as the ability to reach all parts of your community. However, it also presents certain challenges, such as bots and submissions from "click-farms". These issues happen most often with respondents we recruit through survey panels. This problem is not unique to us; survey researchers have encountered fraudulent submissions and are working on various ways of combating them. 

Responses that are likely to be fraudulent include those that are identical across all questions and were submitted within the same 24 hours. We have also found that those submissions often have nonsensical open-ended responses. Around 1% of the survey submissions we collect fall into that category. Even though this is a small number that should not significantly affect the representativeness of our survey sample, we remain committed to improving our sample quality.


Immediate Actions Taken

Automated Detection and Removal: We automatically scan and remove these low-quality submissions every 12 hours. This feature algorithm searches for parameters defined by our survey expert team and eliminates them accordingly. We are continuing to improve upon these parameters. 


Future Plans

While our immediate measures have significantly reduced the presence of low-quality submissions, we are committed to further enhancing the quality of our data. Our plans include:

  1. Quality Score System: We are developing a comprehensive quality score system that will continually assess the integrity of survey responses. This system will flag any suspicious patterns, providing an additional layer of protection against low-quality data.
  2. Quality Control Tool: We are also working on an independent tool that will prevent low-quality submissions before they even enter the system. This proactive measure aims to enhance the efficacy of our current solutions and ensure even better data quality.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality data possible. Through these current and future measures, we aim to maintain the credibility and reliability of our survey samples.



Despite these efforts, it's important to acknowledge that some low-quality submissions may still make their way into our data. However, their volume has been significantly reduced and their impact on scores is extremely minimal.


Our Commitment

At Zencity, we pride ourselves on maintaining high data quality and are committed to upholding these standards. Our continuous efforts to refine our processes are designed to ensure that our clients receive the most credible and valuable insights possible. 


For any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.


Thank you for trusting Zencity with your surveys.

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