Embedding a survey in your website

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Once your survey is published, embedding it within your community’s or agency’s official website is a great way to generate more responses, as well as to communicate to residents that you are actively seeking their feedback. 

You have a lot of choice in how the survey shows up on your site. You can opt to put it in an expandable tab on one side of the page or to go full screen—and everything in between.

To decide which option is right for you, check out the examples below:

Standard embed

Full screen embed

Popup embed

Slider embed

Popover embed

Side tab embed

Each one can be further customized to seamlessly integrate with your website’s layout and style. 


To insert an entry point to the survey within your site, use the steps below to obtain the requisite information your website manager needs in order to embed the widget. 

How to embed your survey widget

  1. Browse the options above and select the embed format you want
  2. Think about any additional considerations you might want, such as width and height, size of the popup, or transparency percentage
  3. Share the above information with your Customer Success Manager, and we will obtain the necessary code for you
  4. Take the code to your website manager, so they can embed it within the intended page
  5. If the widget requires further customization—or you want to be able to try out a few different design and formatting options before making a decision—please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance

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