Version 2.4 Release Notes

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Version 2.4 Release Notes 

Community UX improvements

We have made some community UX improvements. We have reduced the vertical space between questions and content blocks, and fixed spacing issues between phases on project pages. Images posted to an image gallery now display the whole image without it being cropped and inform the administrator of what the ideal aspect ratio should be. And clicking on the logo now redirects to a listing of all active projects. 

Forced Ranking Enhancements on Mobile Devices

We have revamped the reordering mechanism on our forced ranking questions to give community members a better experience on mobile devices. Participants can now move items up and down the ranking by using the arrows and can click on the ‘+’ sign for more details on a choice. This minimizes the amount of scrolling required and makes it easier to answer the question. 

Approximate Completion Time of an Engagement

Administrators can now set a value on the engagement overview page that overrides the default estimated length of time to complete an engagement. If engagements are text and video heavy or contain many questions per page this new feature allows administrators to give a more accurate time estimate for an engagement. For more context see Changing the Estimated Length of Time of an Engagement 

Simplified Skip Logic Implementation and Question Types

Skip Logic now provides administrators the ability to 'Display this page’ if conditions are being met as opposed to ‘Skip this page’ if conditions are being met. This simplifies implementing Skip Logic in an engagement. Skip Logic can now also be used with a combination of options on a single select question. This enables administrators to set up conditions based on one of many scenarios being met. For more context see Adding Skip Logic to a Question 

Copying a Previous Engagement & Skip Logic

When copying a previous engagement from a project, any Skip Logic that is active in that engagement will be copied over too. This creates an exact copy of the engagement structure and saves you time if you already have an engagement that has similarities. For more context see Creating an Engagement 

Deleting a Question or Page that is Referenced by Skip Logic

Deleting a question or a page with a question that is referenced by another page's page logic now warns the administrator that content may be lost or it may break the flow of an engagement. This gives administrators the opportunity to revise their decision and prevent any potential losses of data. For more context see Editing or Deleting Skip Logic 

Archiving Projects and Engagements

Archived projects and engagements are now hidden by default on administrator listing screens. This allows administrators to prioritize projects and engagements that remain relevant for citizens. Archived projects and engagements can still be accessed via a separate tab. For more context see Changing the Status or Visibility of a Project, Changing the Status or Visibility of an Engagement, Viewing a List of Active or Archived Projects and Viewing a List of Active or Archived Engagements of a Project.

Bug Fixes
  • Update ordering of project phases to be chronologically ordered in front and back end, even if they were added out of order
  • Subscriber modal issue: Users on small laptop screens can't see or scroll to the Submit button on the bottom of the modal
  • Unable to delete a video from an intro or exit page on an engagement 
  • Matrix question results were showing option IDs instead of labels
  • Matrix questions with long row names render with overlap in the results area
  • Applying filtering and comparing in combination, in certain scenarios does not apply filter properly

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