Version 2.1 Release Notes

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Version 2.1 Release Notes 

View the precise number of responses in chart visualizations

In addition to the ability to see the response percentages in chart visualizations, you can now see the exact number of responses to each question as part of the visualization. This allows you to see both the representative portion and the raw numbers behind each response. For more context see Analyzing Results in Administrative Tasks. 

Quickly preview changes to your engagements

You can now review engagement changes in real-time by clicking the new, consistently-present Preview button in the footer. This button is now present in each engagement design page, and will launch a preview version of your engagement to demonstrate the new changes. For more context see Previewing Changes I’ve Made to an Engagements in Administrative Tasks. 

Randomize quantitative questions

In order to present greater variety and depth in quantitative questions in your engagements, you can now randomize the question selection in your engagement builder. 

Examine your results in the new Engagement Dashboard

New to Zencity Engage 2.1 is the Engagement Dashboard—you can now explore summary statistics of your engagements in a centralized location, including the number of submissions and completions, comments per page and an overview of your email invitations that you sent out. For more context see Viewing the Results Dashboard of an Engagement in Administrative Tasks. 

Overlap your project phases for accurate timelines

Project phases can now overlap one another, allowing you to represent realistic blended timelines for your projects. Specifically, this means there is no longer an automatically-appended year in project phase date ranges. For more context see Adding a Phase to a Project in Administrative Tasks. 

Bug Fixes
  • Issue with overlapping text in chart legend labels has been resolved

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