Version 2.36 Release Notes

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Version 2.36 Release

HTML Widget for Idea Boards

We have created an HTML widget for idea boards that allows you to copy a code snippet to your clipboard and paste it into your website. This will give you live status and statistics about your idea board along with a call to action so that citizens can participate. This widget is also responsive which allows it to work within websites and fit in to the spaces where it is embedded 

HTML Widget State Enhancements

We have made some enhancements to our widgets so that they now display more relevant data and calls to action based on the state of an engagement or an idea board

Idea Board Counter

We have added a visual indicator for idea boards on the project listing in the administrative area to display the number of upcoming, open, closed, archived and draft idea boards for each project

Admin Page Title Tooltips

We have added the functionality so that when administrators mouse over the page number on the design or results section of an engagement it will show the page title. This will allow administrators to more easily determine which page they’d like to click into.

Updated UX for Ideation Searching

We have updated the UX for ideation searching so that the clear button no longer disappears after a participant deletes filter text on an idea board page which was preventing them from resetting back to the entire list of idea cards

Bug Fixes Addressed an issue where password reset success or error messages where not displaying correctly for comment thread and idea board sign-in areas

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