Version 2.6 Release Notes

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Version 2.6 Release Notes 

Response Rates of Questions 

To enhance our reporting and analysis functionality, and unlock insights with ease, administrators can now see the individual response rate for each question. For more context see Viewing the Response Rate of a Question

Forced Rank Questions Update

We have updated the visualization and analysis of our forced rank questions. The chart now visualizes the frequency that each option was ranked at each priority, along with a new table that  includes the weighted average position. 

Video Titles

All video uploads now display the title of the video. This helps community members know what the video will be about before they click Play, adding to the context they have before or while participating in an engagement. 

Questions and Content

Administrators now have the ability to move questions and content between pages. This is particularly helpful if you find that you need to change the layout of an engagement. For more context see Move a Question or Content in an Engagement 

Bug Fixes
  • Setting up a new engagement now respects the default brand time zone 

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