Version 2.5 Release Notes

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Version 2.5 Release Notes

Introducing Budgeting and Allowance Questions

We have added a brand new question type to Zencity Engage; a Budgeting and Allowance Question. This question type allows community members to choose trade offs and see the impact of their choices. Adding a Budget Question to an engagement is very simple and you can choose to add either a ‘hard cap’ which forces participants choices to be within the budget cap, or a ‘soft cap’ which allows participants to exceed the budget cap, while drawing them to an awareness of the impact of their decisions . For more context see Setting up Budget Questions 

Sign-Up & Subscription Options 

Administrators can now disable notification sign-ups for each project. This is useful if you are running a one-off engagement where a community member is not likely to participate again. We have also updated our language to give community members clearer subscription options when they sign up for notifications. For more context see Notification Sign Up

Reordering Projects and Engagements 

Administrators now have the option to re-order projects and engagements on a project page. This is particularly useful if you have multiple active or upcoming projects and engagements. We have also implemented a number of different sorting mechanisms to enable you to choose the option that best aligns with your business needs. For more context see Project Display Order and Setting Engagement Display Order

Time Zone Settings 

In order to eliminate the ambiguity around start and end times and ensure that engagements don't end in the middle of a day, administrators are now able to set a start and end time in a manner that is easily understandable by choosing an engagement start time, an engagement end time, and an engagement time zone when they set up a new engagement. For more context see Setting a Default Time Zone & Setting Engagement Dates

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