Version 2.2 Release Notes

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Version 2.2 Release Notes  

Clone a previous engagement

Admin users now have the ability to create an engagement from a previous engagement. This will save you time if you need to run an engagement that was similar to a previous engagement. For more context see Creating a New Engagement in Administrative Tasks 

Community members can now request their data

Zencity Engage now complies with GDPR legislation and gives community members the option to download or remove any collaborative contributions that they have made while logged into Zencity Engage. This quick and easy process gives citizens peace of mind when it comes to their data. For more context see Data Requests in Threaded Conversations

One-time randomization on questions options

If you choose to randomize the order of options for a question it will only do so once. This enables participants to move back and forth through an engagement with the order displayed consistently during their session. 

Track your social media campaigns 

You can now track the participation rates and success of your online social media campaigns. We have set up Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking codes to enable you get deeper insights around participation habits. 

Export your subscriber list

You can now export your subscriber list for a particular project as a CSV file. In addition to providing email addresses, this list lets you know if the subscriber only wants to be kept up to date with that project or if they want to be informed about all future projects. For more context see Exporting my Subscriber List on Administrative Tasks 


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Terms and Privacy links was giving a 400 error
  • Fixed an issue where replacing the 5th document on a project page caused a 6th document to be added, which caused a 500 error whenever the edit page for the project attempted a reload

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