Exporting Results to a CSV file

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  1. Ensure you are logged in to Zencity Engage.

  2. Navigate to your project page and select the project that you want to view the results of an engagement on, click on the ‘Engagement’ tab and then select your required engagement.

  3. Navigate to the ‘Results & Analysis’ tab. 

  4. On the left hand side of the page, under the ‘Pages’ heading, select the page that you want to view results on.

  5. Navigate to the ‘Tools & Options’ heading and click on the ‘Export as CSV’ button. 

  6. The CSV file will be sent to the email address that you used to sign up to Zencity Engage. Depending on how large the file is it may take some minutes. 
    Note: If you cannot find it in your regular inbox, check your 'Junk'/'Spam'. We try to make our emails as deliverable as possible but sometimes email providers will flag these emails as they appear as 'no-reply' emails. 

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