How do I use the geolocation tool?

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Geolocation can be really useful for locating issues and responding to them or tracking issues over time by neighborhood. Here are a few tips for finding your way around the map:  

Filter your dashboard by neighborhood

Use the filter tool at the top of your dashboard to filter your summary tab by neighborhood. You can then see the leading topics for that neighborhood which can help you identify, locate, and remedy problems. 

Pro tip: You can also use this tool in the discourse section to see the leading stories in each neighborhood. 

Explore the map in full size


The map can be used a number of ways to help you locate issues. You can view the map on any dashboard (general, topic, or project). Click on 'Expand map’ in the upper right corner (or head to the Map tab at the top of your dashboard) to open up the map in your main screen.

As you're navigating the map keep these two features in mind:

  1. Filters: Use the filters located at the top of the page at any point to display the exact set of data you want.

  2. Map views: Click on the button that says 'Choose' on the top right hand corner of the map to select from a drop down menu of different ways to present geolocated data: leading topics, by topic, by type or heat map. You can cross-reference these views with the filters described above.

Map views

Leading topics by neighborhood

The map will automatically open on the ‘Leading Topics’ settings. This shows what the leading topic in each neighborhood is. The colors correspond to the key on the left.  Click on any neighborhood to see the discourse page for that neighborhood. 

Items by topic

Choose this view to show the breakdown of topics per post. The color of the each pin corresponds to the topic of the same color as seen in the legend on the left. Unclick topics on the menu to hide them from your view.

Items by type

Choose this view to see the breakdown of source type per post. Unclick any type on the menu on the right to focus on any source. 

Heat map by topic

Choose this view to see where the problem is most heavily occurring. Filter by topic to see where trending topics are most prominent. 

Pro tip: This feature is available on projects too. Contact your Customer Success Manager to help you set up relevant projects and follow their location on the project heat map. 

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