Zencity COVID-19 Project Dashboards

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Zencity’s Coronavirus project dashboards have been created so you can track the online discourse surrounding COVID-19 in your city from one place.

In your Coronavirus project collection, you will find the following:

  1. Coronavirus main project dashboard - This is where you can track all online discourse about COVID-19 in your city from your main Coronavirus project. Understand at-a-glance what residents are most concerned about, and see the relative volume of discourse from one topic to another.

  2. Coronavirus special project dashboards - These are a series of dashboards that we have created for you so you can save time drilling down on trending COVID-19 topics in your city. Each dashboard is custom-built for major topics of discourse during this time, including: City outreach, at-risk communities, social distancing, education, confirmed cases, local economy, and more.

Where can I find my COVID-19 dashboards?

Your COVID-19 project collection can be found under Projects via the navigation menu located on the lefthand side of your Zencity platform.
Alternatively, you can click here.

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