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One of Zencity’s many survey solutions, Community Asks provides a quick and easy way to collect feedback from your community on a specific topic, such as snow removal services or sentiment on an upcoming shopping center development. The solution includes expert questionnaire design, real time results in the platform, and a report summarizing the data. Keep reading to learn more about how you can utilize Community Asks in your next decision, how to get started, and what to expect from the process.


Community Asks 101 | Using Community Asks | Requesting Community Asks

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What are Community Asks?


Community Asks are two-question surveys, intended to answer very specific questions. They are designed by Zencity expert analysts, distributed by you, and then those same analysts compile the findings in a report.


For the questions that are most frequently asked by local governments, there are already-made Community Ask templates that you can request and use. Or, for questions particular to your community, you can always request a custom-designed Ask. We’ll review how the request process works below.


Once you’ve decided to use a Community Ask, you’ll receive access to a dashboard within the Zencity platform, where you can:

  • Browse all of the Asks you’ve made and check their current status

  • Check the number of people who have completed each one

  • Read any answers to free text questions that residents submitted

  • Access and share reports that contain your analyzed results


When to request a Community Ask

Community Asks are ideal for:

  • Gauging sentiment on an upcoming vote or project, such as the addition of a new bike lane

  • Developing long-term strategic plans or initiatives in accordance with resident input, such as an early childhood reading program

  • Offering a direct channel for residents to share their thoughts, such as asking about communication preferences

  • Gathering feedback after an event or informational campaign, such as a fair

Their timeframe and specificity make them an excellent solution for quickly gathering the information you need to keep moving forward in your decision-making or planning processes.


How to request a Community Ask

To request your first Ask, follow these five steps:

  1. Log in to Zencity

  2. Head to the left hand menu

  3. Below where it says Surveys, click on Community Asks

  4. Browse the template gallery for an issue or focus area that matches what you want to know

  5. If you don’t see one, request a custom Ask by filling out the form at the top of the page or by clicking on the Custom template in the gallery

After you submit your request, we will be in touch once a first draft of your survey is ready for your review. Once you approve it, we’ll share the link and QR code that leads to the live version with you via email.


Choosing the right Community Ask

When you submit a request for a Community Ask, you can either request one to be customized for you, or you can request to use a pre-made Ask from the template gallery. Whichever way you go, we’ll tailor the Ask to be just right for you.


Request a custom Ask:



This method gives you the most flexibility. Let us know what you want to learn or get input on, and we’ll craft a questionnaire exactly suited to your questions. This is great for issues or initiatives that are highly local or rare.


Request a template Ask:



This method lets you preview the survey on the spot before submitting your request. It’s great for questions that match some of the more frequent Asks used by local governments, or issues that are trending nationally or internationally. Zencity analysts are always working on new templates. Have an idea for a new one? We’d love to hear!


And here’s a pro tip: Templates can always be tweaked to more accurately fit your context. Just add in important background information or specifications to the comment area of the template request form, and we’ll update the template with that in mind.


Distributing your Community Ask

Once you approve your survey, we will provide you with a survey distribution kit, which will include scannable QR codes and shareable links for you to use on social media, newsletters, and other outlets.


Once a resident clicks on the survey link, they will be redirected to the questionnaire, which can generally be completed in under one minute. The survey questionnaire is ADA accessible.


Checking your results

There’s no need to wait for the survey’s close and for the final report to start collecting metrics and feedback. From the moment you start distributing your Ask, you can visit the Summary tab of your Community Asks dashboard at any point to check how many residents have completed your survey and review graph visualizations of the answers to multiple choice questions that have been submitted so far. Then you can head to the Feed tab to read through the responses to open-ended questions residents submit as they come in and are processed.


Once your survey is complete and Zencity analysts have reviewed the data, you will receive a report of the results via email and in the Report tab. You can also always access the report through your Report Library.




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