Cleaning up your project data

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If you're catching up on the conversation within a specific project and spot a data item that doesn't seem like it belongs, there are a few steps you can take to correct that and to ensure your dashboard displays only the most valuable and actionable data.

Depending on whether the problem is irrelevant or missing data, here's what to do:

Did you spot an irrelevant data item?

  • For a single item or two, you can simply remove it using the trash icon via the 3-dot menu in the upper right hand corner of every item. This is great for situations when it makes sense why an item might have been captured by a project, yet with your particular knowledge of the context, you know it doesn't actually fit the project scope. This tool lets you simply extract that data item outlier without having to alter the project definition.


  • For a broader issue, such as many irrelevant data items appearing, let your Customer Success Manager know. Generally, this indicates that we simply need to add some additional definition to your project to ensure the problem does not continue.

Are you not finding the data items that you would have expected?

  • When items you've encountered in your own social media feeds or local news sources, for example, don't appear in the project you would expect them to, please let your CSM know. We'll take a look at how the project is currently defined and update as needed to make sure your project is capturing all relevant data.

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