Balancing Today Vs. Tomorrow - Advice for City Management During COVID-19

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Tim Coon, City Manager of Meriden, CT, shared his experience stewarding his team’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing the community for an emerging new normal. A 31-year US Army veteran and former official in Connecticut’s Office of Emergency Management, Coon shared that effective crisis management depends on strong and effective communication with residents and staff.

Key Takeaways:

Communications are key to managing the crisis

  • Communicate “why things are being done the way they are”

  • Prioritize internal communications

  • Have a lead staff member dedicated to strategic communications

Gain compliance for difficult social distancing rules through education and outreach

  • Strict enforcement measures such as fines and penalties may needlessly escalate tensions.

  • There is no need to put police officers and city workers at risk.

Develop a reopening plan with clear milestones

  • Build a plan based on measurable criteria and milestones.

  • Communicate the plan to residents and key stakeholders.

  • Follow the plan and update frequently.

Take advantage of virtual council meetings to increase resident engagement

  • Council meetings are now taking place virtually.

  • Online meetings give new opportunities for residents who previously may not have been able to participate in person to submit issues and concerns.

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