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With the Zencity mobile app, keep all of your Zencity data and insights right at your fingertips, so you never have to wait to get back to your desk to pull up relevant data or to start crafting a response to a developing story.


The mobile app lets you:

  • Stay updated about the latest trends and changes in the conversation in your community

  • Share key pieces of resident data with team members

  • Choose which projects and topics you would like to follow

  • Browse all the most recent highlights in your data


Navigating the app

Your app is divided into the following tabs, arranged along the bottom of your screen. Any time there’s something new for you to explore within one of the tabs, such as a new highlight, a red notification dot will appear next to the icon.



Visit this tab to get an overview of what’s happening in your community. From top to bottom, you’ll find:

  • Today’s highlights: The most notable trends and changes in your data, plus alerts about new insights and reports that are ready for you to read.

  • Project tracker: A quick glance of the basic stats for the projects you’re following most closely.

  • Popular words: The words that are appearing most frequently in your community’s conversation.

  • Top stories: A collection of social media posts and local news stories from your community that are getting the most attention.

Click on any highlight, project, or story to explore it further.



Head to this tab to review all of the projects you’re following. Click on any project for more in-depth coverage of its data and related stories, or to take actions like requesting an insight on a trend that’s emerging within one of your project areas.


You can also follow and unfollow a project by tapping on the three-dot menu next to each one, or head to your subscriptions on your desktop to set up or manage a custom project digest for any of your projects.



Scroll back through a running list of all of your notifications and highlights.



At any point that you notice a highlight or trend that you want to further investigate, click the Actions button to request an insight or project, or contact your Customer Success Manager on the spot.



Find the full platform that you’re familiar with from desktop within the menu for any time you need to access a wider range of data or functions, including all of your dashboard widgets and filtering options, insights, reports and more.



Using the app to support your routine

Built around instant notifications and sharing, the app makes sure you never miss a beat on your high priority initiatives and issues, and that you never have to put off taking action—such as requesting an insight or forwarding a project alert page—even when you’re on the move. The app lets you do all of the following automatically:


Get notified about your strategic initiatives

Any time there’s a significant change in one of the projects that you’re following, you’ll receive a push notification to your device. Clicking on it will lead you directly to a summary page within the app outlining the key project stats and illustrating the change.


Read insights and reports the moment they’re ready

As soon as Zencity analysts have finished writing an insight or report for you and uploaded it to your account, you’ll receive a push notification so you can read and share within seconds.


Share critical information with your team

All data you see in the app, from a project alert page to a new insight, can be shared in just a few clicks with intuitive share options.


How to download the app


Start using the app in under five minutes by following these three steps:

Once you log in, you’ll be asked a few short onboarding questions, such as which topics and projects you’re most interested in. Your answers help us tailor the app to you, such as surfacing your selections first when you open the app.




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