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Noa Amirav Fatal
Noa Amirav Fatal
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Zencity allows creating and sharing different types of reports. In this article, we'll walk through creating a News Email report, which is essentially an email you can share with stakeholders, containing News articles and Broadcast clips. 

Currently, the email report is only available via the News Feed.

Choosing content for your News Email Report

There are two ways to choose content for your News Email Report. In both cases, you can start the report by clicking on "Create Report" and choosing "Email Report".

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Filtered Bulk 

To include a bulk of news articles in your email report, use the Date, Source or Saved Search filters, along with a keyword search, to narrow down the items in your news feed. Once you're satisfied with your results, proceed to the next step by clicking on "Create Report, and choosing "Email Report". 

Note, your report can not include more then 50 items, so make sure your filters are actually narrowing down your choice.

Hand Picking

Hand picking articles is a very common method when creating a news report, because it allows you to browse and control which articles to include in each report. 

In your news feed, when hovering over an item, click on the + icon for an item you wish to include in your report. Once you've chosen at least one item, you'll see the + icon appear on all items, allowing you to add more and more items to your email report.

You can use the Date, Source or Saved Search filters to find specific articles, or conduct a keyword search. Don't worry, you won't lose any selections you've made when moving between the filters. 

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Editing a News Email Report

Once you've created your report, you'll see a preview of how it will look like as an email. Use the desktop or mobile modes to view both preview options.

At this point, you can either give your report a name (which will automatically update the report headline) and share it immediately, or click on edit to change the order of the items and add headings.  Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 17.13.55.png


In Editing mode, you can drag a Heading or Paragraph Text widget into the report, and place it on top or in between any of the items. Type in the relevant text, or click the trash icon to remove the widget.  Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 17.16.54.png

Sharing a News Email Report

Once you're satisfied with your report, click the share button to send it as an email to recipients of your choice. You can either add Zencity users by name or type in an email address to include anyone who is not a Zencity user. 

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