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Noa Amirav Fatal
Noa Amirav Fatal
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With Automatic Takeaways, you can summarize data with just one click. Each takeaway summarizes a different angle of the data, allowing you to combine multiple takeaways and create comprehensive and knowledgeable reports with minimal effort.


To add an Automatic Takeaway,  select the desired filters and click on the Takeaway of your choice. The Takeaway will be added as text in your report, allowing you to edit and customize it based on your perspective.

Summary Paragraph

An AI-Generated summary of the main themes of the posts in your selected data set. Currently, this type of Automatic Takeaway is in Beta mode and can only be applied to projects.


Example: On Facebook, the Rome Farmers Market reported a shuttle service accident on October 22, which led to a fundraising campaign for a new vehicle (over 120 interactions). The Rome Police Department, an official source on Facebook, highlighted the assistance of their K9 team in a drug investigation on October 21 (over 40 interactions). The City of Rome, another official source on Facebook, announced on October 23 that they were recruiting new police officers (over 10 interactions).


** Reminder, to choose a project, click on “Filters”, and move from “All data” to Project. Then, choose a project from the dropdown options. 



Intro Paragraph 

Example: Between 10/18/2023 to 10/24/2023, online conversations amounted to 2788 interactions. This period measured a 19% increase in conversation volume compared to the previous equivalent period.


Channels Takeaways

Example: Most of the conversation (91%) occurred on unofficial channels, led by ABCNEWS (43% of the unofficial discourse).


Sentiment paragraph

Example: Positive sentiment was 40x higher than negative sentiment (40% positive vs. 1% negative).


Engagements paragraph

Example: Most engagements comprised likes, shares and supportive emojis, suggesting residents interest and support for the posted information and a desire to notify others.



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