Once you’ve launched your survey, check out these best practices for getting the word out. Not only do higher response rates mean higher quality results, many cities and counties from around the country have noticed that directly sharing the survey with their residents:

  • Creates moments for conversation with their residents

  • Improves their public perception as a body interested in growth and feedback

  • Raises resident engagement levels

To spread the word about the survey, we’re seeing local governments get creative. For example, some cities have included a link to the survey within online utility bills, while others have used a Zencity-produced QR code in their distribution materials. Other common strategies include sharing the survey on:

  • Nextdoor

  • Official government pages on social media

  • Government website

  • Government online newsletters

To get you started, you’ll find some sample social posts and emails you can use to share widely and engage even more residents included below.

We’re always eager for feedback on how these materials worked for you, and please be in touch if we can do anything else to support you along the way to your survey results.


Find social post and email templates below. Just add in your community’s name and unique survey link, tailor the language to your topic, and you’re ready to go live! Before you hit publish or send, a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Eye-catching images go a long way. Add an image that relates to your survey topic to catch the eye of your residents as they scroll through their feed or open their email.

  • When posting on social, keep the algorithm happy by adding the link to the survey in the first comment instead of within the post itself

  • When sending an email, send it from a real employee’s name. The more personal effect is shown to increase open rates.


This month, we’re conducting a survey to understand how [your community’s name] residents like YOU feel about [eScooters in city]. Have thoughts? Add your voice to the discussion by filling out this short survey.

Link in comments >>


How do you feel about the recent appearance of eScooters in [your community’s name]? Share your thoughts using this short survey. Link in comments >


Looking for quick distraction from work? We have the perfect solution. Take this 5 minute survey about eScooters in [your community’s name] and add your voice to the discussion. Link in comments >


As we prepare to vote on adding new bike lanes to [your community’s name] next month, we want to hear from YOU! Add your thoughts to the discussion by answering this short survey. Link in comments >


Hearing from all of our residents is essential to any decision we make. With the upcoming vote on bike lanes a month away, we want to hear from you! Fill out this short survey to add your voice to the discussion. Link in comments >


Dear [Resident Name],

Council will be voting soon on allowing eScooter companies to start operating in [your community’s name]. To better understand what residents like you think about this proposal, we’ll be conducting a survey over the next month. Our goal is to bring as many voices as possible into the conversation so we can make the decision that best serves our community.

We hope you’ll consider answering these few questions [LINK HERE] and sharing your thoughts with us.

Start the survey now > [LINK HERE]

Thank you,

[Your Name]

EXAMPLE EMAIL - Bike lanes

Dear [Resident Name]

Hearing what residents think is critical to any decision. Before we decide on whether to add more bike lanes in [your community’s name], we wanted to ask: What do you think?

To let us know your thoughts and add your voice to the discussion, please fill out this (very short) survey. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

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