Today's Highlights is the section in your dashboard that surfaces these changes for you automatically, saving you time and making sure you’re always aware of emerging trends and conversations. No more need to go sifting through your data by yourself to extract meaningful points. Whether the change happens within a topic, project, or even in 311 tickets, our AI-powered system can detect this shift and alert you in real-time.

How does it work?

Every day, we scan thousands of data points and conversations among residents in your city and check how they compare with the past 30 days. That lets us detect any noteworthy spikes or changes that may be of interest to you.

For example, let's say you follow a project about recycling. Our system will scan the discourse surrounding recycling and register the conversation size (number of interactions) and how residents are feeling about the issue (positive or negative sentiment). The system then takes each of these factors and sees how they compare with the averages from the past 30 days in your community. If there’s a notable difference between the two numbers—for example, suddenly there’s a jump in how many people are talking about recycling across your channels—you’ll see an alert at the top of your dashboard.

What will I see alerts about?

We scan your data for the following types of changes:

  • Increases in positive discourse

  • Increases in negative discourse

  • Increases in total volume of discourse

We look for these changes across your topics, projects, 311 data, official and unofficial discourse.

In addition, we also include alerts every time you have a new:

  • Insight from our team of dedicated analysts

  • Special or monthly report

  • Project created for you

That way, you never miss the analysis you need to move forward and make decisions.

How can I make use of these alerts?

We’re constantly checking for notable changes in your community’s data, so there’s always something new to explore and keep your eyes on. When an alert appears at the top of your dashboard, click on it to go right to the 30-day dashboard view of the topic or project in question—so you can take a look at the trend in context.

To continue putting together the pieces of the story, head over to the Conversation tab to browse relevant social media posts and news stories.

Is there a way to enable email alerts?

Yes! Manage all of your email alerts for new trends from Subscriptions.

In addition, any time you follow a new project, you will automatically receive alerts in your inbox any time there’s a trend to watch. Check which projects you’re following and add new ones here. You can turn these off at any point from Subscriptions.

Have more questions? Feel free to get in touch with your CSM or chat us below.

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