Alerts are data notifications that are sent according to your preferences via email or push notification. You can set up alerts to be notified about popular posts in the official discourse of your city, keyword alerts, and more. Set up your alerts by heading to the Subscriptions page in your dashboard.

Analysis Dashboard

The Analysis dashboard is the main view of your city’s data, and features a selection of widgets to help you slice and dice the discourse in your city, including: Volume of interactions chart, sentiment distribution, popular words, and more.



Benchmarking is a one-of-it’s-kind tool created by Zencity that enables you to compare your performance with other communities. Benchmarking leverages data from 200+ partner cities and counties to give you insight into how your residents’ concerns compare with similar communities



Channels cover both the official channels owned by your organization, and ‘unofficial’ channels which include any platform not managed by the city.

Conversation Dashboard

The Conversation dashboard showcases the data collected from a variety of sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Local media outlets, Broadcast media networks, 311 data and anything with a digital signature that you would like to connect.



Dashboards are the central place to view all of your city’s data. There are three main types of dashboard: General, Topic, and Project. Your general Dashboard shows you an overview of the discourse in your city, while the topics and project dashboard are filtered by specific key terms and searches to bring raise specific data items. Each dashboard is separated into three main screens: Analysis, Conversation, and Map.



Filters exist at the top of each of your dashboards, and are there to help you slice and dice the data in your city. By using the filters, you are able to search according to specific time periods, sentiment, channels, sources, and more.



Insights are custom reports created for your organization by our team of data analysts. You can request an Insight from within your Zencity dashboard, or receive interesting Insights about your city’s data at a cadence defined by your Client Success Manager.

Insights Feed

The Insights feed in the left navigation menu includes all custom Insights created for your organization in descending order according to date.


The sum of the total number of comments, likes, and shares to a given post.



Use the location filter to look at data in a particular neighborhood or multiple neighborhoods. With the new filters, you are able to select multiple neighborhoods at once. You may use the search bar to find the neighborhoods you are interested in, or simply scroll down. The location filter will only pick up on items that can be attributed to a location, either via direct mention or check-in.



The map function displays all data items where our system has managed to geolocate the data. Zencity’s AI knows how to identify when a specific place is being discussed, and will add it to the map so that you can track topics of conversation in certain areas or neighborhoods. There are several views for your map, including by topic, by source, and heat maps.



Popular is sorted by number of interactions in descending order, so that the items at the top of the list have the most interactions.


Projects are a great way to track big events, critical issues, or campaigns in your city. A project is a dedicated dashboard that is filtered according to the keywords and search terms most relevant to it. Project dashboards have all the same widgets as the main dashboard, including sentiment trackers, interaction overview, and a breakdown of topics within your project.


Reports Library

The Reports Library is an index of monthly usage and trends reports that are created by analysts for your city. You will receive a report at the beginning of each month, which will then be stored in your Reports Library.



All interactions collected for your city are designated a sentiment allocation by our system. Sentiment allocation includes positive, negative, and neutral.


ZenCity collects data from a variety of online sources including: 311, social media, local media, and Google Analytics


Your subscriptions include a variety of email digests aimed at summarizing your data for you via email. Choose which digests and cadences serve your purposes by selecting from the range of subscriptions available on your subscriptions page.


Subtopics are the way Zencity categorizes the online discourse in your city. Sub-topics are more refined than overarching topics, which represent general functions of local government.




Topics are out-of-the-box ways Zencity categorizes your data. Zencity topics have been created out of essential functions of local government, and divided into departmental themes to help you quickly understand the major themes of discourse in your city. Under topics, the discourse is divided into Sub-topics - which further specify the exact topics of conversation that have been raised in each data item.


Trending items are items which have more interactions in the selected timeframe then they did in the previous time frame. These help you understand aside from the most popular items generated by your city, up-and-coming trends that are starting to gain momentum.

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