Zencity partnered up with CAPIO and three of our hard working California cities - West Sacramento, Palmdale, and Fairfield- so they could share with us how they are utilizing Zencity data to create their communication strategies and craft messaging. We’ve gone ahead and broken down the key takeaways to ensure you’re getting the right messages to your residents and building a strategy that will drive engagement with the community.

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Adjust in Real Time

  • Follow trending topics or dive into comments that you might normally miss without Zencity to point you in the right direction. Palmdale utilized Zencity for their #PalmdaleCares initiative to support the community during COVID-19. One specific program, Take Me Home Tonight, was developed to support local restaurants- the city was able to monitor the discourse and help adjust its communication to residents even as restrictions changed for dining, giving way to the Al Fresco program.

  • Measure messaging effectiveness over time- - what’s working and what’s not and adjust accordingly.

  • Look at data by Official vs.Unofficial to see what the City is talking about and what everyone around them is talking about, and adjust content in realtime to align with the community.

Collaboration within Departments

  • Ability to share data with leadership across all teams. Insights, briefs and reporting can be shared to help reinforce action and give credibility to what your team is saying and/or proposing.

  • Identify where content is coming from and coordinate with other departments as relevant. Fairfield was able to share data related to the Homelessness with the Homeless Services Division. Utilizing the discourse analyzed by Zencity, the team was able to work on rebranding and updating messaging.

Support Improved Planning

  • Learn from current situations, understanding what went right or wrong to ensure a better approach in the future. Fairfield had the 4th largest fire in the state in the summer of 2020 and after, Zencity provided details showing the discourse from during the emergency period. The city is able to reflect on the feedback and utilize it in anticipation of the next fire situation ensuring a strong approach.

  • Cities suggest utilizing your dashboard to plan messaging for the week ahead on an ongoing basis.

Crisis Management

  • Adjust communication in real-time for crisis management

  • Address misinformation by utilizing Sources data to understand where messages are coming from and potentially go to the source and correct the message.

  • West Sacramento, CA tracks their COVID-19 messaging within Zencity and provides a weekly communications report for the City Council and City Manager. Utilize reporting and insights to share regular updates with the core crisis management team.

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