As you continue to work hard to serve and strengthen your communities amid the wave of protests across the country, we're here to provide you with tools to help you listen and understand your community's needs and priorities as you continue to navigate through this difficult chapter.

Protest Project Dashboards

We have created a dedicated project dashboard for the George Floyd Protests, which you can find in your Zencity project page.

This project dashboard aggregates all of the data points relating to protests in your city or county, we suggest the following tips to help you analyze the data in your city:

Filter by Sentiment to see the distribution of discourse by sentiment so you easily identify major themes and problem areas in your city.

Filter by Official sources to monitor and evaluate city’s communication strategy from sources managed by the city government

Filter by Unofficial sources to see what residents are organically discussing across media and social media platforms.

Request an Insight

If you would like to receive a more in-depth analysis of the protests in your city, you can fill out a request for an Insight from the Insights Feed tab.

Please feel free to reach out to your Client Success Manager if you have any further questions at this time. We are here to offer our support to all of our partner cities as you continue to steer your communities through this difficult chapter.

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