There is no shortage of discourse happening on Instagram, and we're here to ensure you capture a comprehensive overview of the social discourse in your city by adding Instagram hashtags as a brand new data source.

How does it work?

As Instagram is part of Facebook, Zencity is able to track any Instagram account that is connected to your city's Facebook account. We are able to track 30 different instagram hashtags as data sources, based on your request.

Zencity will automatically analyze and assign a sentiment score to the posts that feature the hashtag, to then incorporate this into overall trends in your Zencity dashboard.

Zencity will only collect posts that feature the hashtags you wish to follow from publicly available accounts exclusively.

How can I start tracking Instagram hashtags?

To start tracking Instagram hashtags, reach out to your CSM via the chat bubble to the right hand side of your screen. Your CSM will contact you in order to ensure your Instagram account is connected, and collect the hashtags you wish to follow.

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