Zencity is now offering an easy-to-use survey service to help our clients gather targeted feedback from residents to better understand the following:

  • Level of awareness and adherence to guidelines and measures

  • Main channels for obtaining information

  • Impact of the situation on their daily lives and income

  • Perception of city services and community efforts

  • Thoughts regarding a potential reopening of the economy (where applicable)

How this service works:

  1.  We will provide you with a set of questions to review and adapt

  2.  Once questions are approved, you will receive a survey link unique to your city

  3.  You can then share the link on any of your engagement channels (Official Social   Media channels, Newsletters, News Media partners, community groups, etc.)

  4.  We will collect and analyze the responses over a 2-4 period, and then provide   you with an actionable report of the results.

You can view the set of questions in the following link

*Want to ask something a bit different? No problem, let us know and we can tweak the questionnaire to fit your needs.

**Response rate varies between 300-1000+ responses depending on distribution efforts, city size, and level of engagement. 

Contact your CSM if you would like more information about Zencity Surveys

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