Zencity’s Coronavirus project dashboards have been created so you can track the online discourse surrounding COVID-19 in your city from one place. 

In your Coronavirus project collection, you will find the following:

  1. Coronavirus main project dashboard  - This is where you can track all online discourse about COVID-19 in your city from your main Coronavirus project. Understand at-a-glance what residents are most concerned about, and see the relative volume of discourse from one topic to another.

  2. Coronavirus special project dashboards - These are a series of dashboards that we have created for you so you can save time drilling down on trending COVID-19 topics in your city. Each dashboard is custom-built for major topics of discourse during this time, including: City outreach, at-risk communities, social distancing, education, confirmed cases, local economy, and more.

How should I use the COVID-19 dashboards?

The dashboards have been created to give you the overview of online discourse about COVID-19 in your city that you need to tackle misinformation, and use the data to create actionable insights to empower your teams during this time. 

Get the full picture

Use the date filter to examine both long term and short term data of public discourse around COVID-19 in your city

Track important city updates

Use event markers to track the impact of your city’s COVID-19 campaigns, and ensure the message is getting out

Manage misinformation

Filter to see only unofficial discourse to identify and manage the spread of misinformation in your city.

Communicate and share data trends

Export data or prepare a brief directly from your project dashboard, and deliver actionable insights across remote teams.

Where can I find my COVID-19 dashboards?

Your COVID-19 project collection can be found under Projects via the navigation menu located on the lefthand side of your Zencity platform.
Alternatively, you can click here.

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