Zencity created an easy-to-use survey questionnaire for you to directly engage with your residents in order to understand how informed they are about COVID-19, how the current prevention measures are being perceived, and what are their top concerns regarding access to city services.

This service is easy to use...

  1. We will provide you with a survey link unique to your city

  2. You can share the link on any of your engagement channels (Official social media channels, newsletters, etc.)

  3. Over a two-day period, we will collect and analyze the responses

  4. You will receive an easily digestible and actionable report

Questions include:

  • What do residents think about current COVID-19 measures in their city?

  • Where do they get their information about COVID-19 from?

  • How do they perceive the performance of city services and community efforts? And more...

To review the full set of questions we created, contact
success@zencity.io or your Customer Success Manager.

Want to ask something a bit different? No problem, let us know and we can tweak the questionnaire to fit your needs.

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