1.  Daily Updates via email
    2. Coronavirus Projects by Key Issue
    3. Workshop- Using Zencity During Coronavirus
    4. COVID-19 Awareness and Impact Surveys
    5. New! Zencity Community of Champions (Facebook Group)

1. Daily Updates

If you're not subscribed already, click HERE to receive the Daily COVID-19 Summary, which comes straight to your inbox from Zencity and includes the following information from your Coronavirus project:

  • Stats- Total interaction count, Interaction count compared to the previous day, Percent breakdown of Official & Unofficial Sources

  • Crisis Timeline 

  • Popular Topics & Words

  • Most Popular Posts from Official & Unofficial Channels

2. Coronavirus Projects by Key Issue

Based on main topics of concern among residents across all of our Zencities, you will notice several Coronavirus projects in your dashboard. Interested in capturing an issue not included on the list below? Simply request a project.

  • City Outreach 

  • At-Risk Communities

  • Social Distancing

  • Education

  • Community Organization

  • Hospitals

  • Testing

  • Supplies

  • Confirmed Cases

  • Local Economy

  • Working Parents

  • Internet Access

  • City Services and Fees

  • Potential Misinformation

3. Using Zencity during Coronavirus

This tutorial is a walkthrough of how to best use your main Coronavirus Project to see all of the tracked discourse from social & local medias, as well as the Briefer tool to customize daily reports. 

The following features can help: 

  • Official/Unofficial Filter: See where misinformation may occur (Unofficial) and how the city’s communication response is resonating with residents (Official)

  • Social Media Sources Widget: Select the toggle “Group by Social Network” to identify the specific channel and accounts the conversation is taking place.

  • Communicate Data: Use Event Markers in your Coronavirus Project to label your discourse graphs in the platform and then save as a PNG to share.

4. COVID-19 Awareness & Impact Surveys

With a 2-day turnaround time, understand how well-informed your residents are, how city measures are being perceived, and more with the new Zencity Awareness & Impact Survey

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or success@zencity.io with any questions on how to effectively use Zencity to help manage resident concerns and questions during the Coronavirus crisis. 

5. Zencity Community of Champions Facebook Group

Learn  from best-practices and join discussions on mutual COVID-19 challenges with other champions via Facebook by joining the Zencity Community of Champions Group.

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