In addition to alerting your Customer Success Manager about an irrelevant data item in any of your projects, you now also have the ability to manually hide this data item in just a few simple steps. 

Note: Removing a data item from your Project will NOT remove or delete the item from your dashboard. 

Rather, removing a data item will hide the post from being visible in your project dashboard. This means that the data item you choose to hide will not be included when you "Export" your project and the details of the post (i.e. the assigned Category and Sentiment) will not be included in your Project widgets. 

Once you identify a post within a project you'd like to hide, just follow these quick steps: 

  1. Select the "..." icon on the top right 

  2. Select the "Remove from Project" Icon 

  3. Confirm by selecting "Yes, I'm Sure" 

  4. Select "Done" and refresh your page

There are several reasons you might want to remove a data item from a project: 

  • Your Project Keywords unintentionally brought in an irrelevant article (i.e. the keyword "pick-up" in your Recycling Project brings in a post about "pick-up" times for childcare). 

  • The data item is less relevant (i.e. the item mentions your city, but it is in passing and the greater story does not contribute to the content of the project). 

  • Wrong city (i.e. another city of the same name ended up in your dashboard).

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