As public servants, it is important for elected officials to be able to measure and see the impact of city policies and actions that affect their constituents. Zencity uses AI and big data to reinvent the way local governments understand their residents, identify important issues, and make decisions.

Note: Zencity is not a campaign tool and does not advocate for the use of data outside of policy focus and gauging resident feedback. 

Get Resident Pulse on Satisfaction of City Services 

Our platform helps cities understand their residents' real needs and priorities, eliminating the guesswork from policymaking and showcasing resident feedback on city services. This can help elected officials gauge the effectiveness of city initiatives, an indicator of resident satisfaction. 

Identify issues by topic and sentiment. Filtering through topics on the Zencity dashboard that are directly related to services provided by municipal departments (such as Public Works, Transportation,  Parks & Recreation, etc.),  can help identify points of satisfaction and dissatisfaction among residents. 

Performance management. Integrating city hotlines like 311 or a Report-A-Concern pages also allows the city to monitor its performance on city services and the way residents perceive city problems.

Don’t Miss out on Resident Feedback that Surfaces during Elections & Campaigns

Election season is a prime opportunity for residents to provide feedback to the city, in which key issues and policies are drawn to the forefront. 

  1. Proactively add new data sources. As the current elected officials and other candidates step up and begin to campaign, there are additional data sources to integrate into Zencity to provide a more holistic picture of data. This will capture additional forums of discussion as platforms may elevate city services to the forefront of conversation. 

  2. Set up new projects. Concentrate discourse by creating a project for a specific issue, initiative, event, etc. 

  3. Surveys. A new contracted service offered by Zencity, ask specific questions to the community.

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